IP Communications Technology

Increasing deployment of Voice Over IP technology (VoIP) is driving the adoption of broadband signaling for alarm reporting. Many sites requiring alarm installations no longer have conventional telephone lines (POTS). Further, alarm panels with conventional telephone dialer capability do not work reliably over some types of VoIP.

WHIRC can help. Various IP alarm transmission protocols exist but most in use today are proprietary. WHIRC has receiving technology available for the many products transmitting IP protocols including; DMP, Alarmnet, T-Link, Connect 24 and Firelite. As manufacturers expand their technology, WHIRC will continue to invest in the technology that our dealers need to provide these services to their customers. As your partner, we'll help you and your customers turn the corner of technolgoy. For more information, please contact us at info@whirc.com or call 800-858-7811.