On-line Services

You can bring WHIRC to your office with the fastest and easiest ways to access your accounts on-line. WHIRC makes BoldNet available for easy Internet access to your accounts 24 hours a day. You can review account activity, account detail and make account changes all from your own PC without having to contact the response center. That means information is available in real time.

Information on your personal home page includes:

  • your current number of accounts
  • messages from the response center
  • the status for your systems, including the last 24 hours of alarm activity
  • systems currently in alarm
  • systems that are open and closed
  • and systems in test mode

The reporting menu offers several features, including account summaries and detail reports. A detail report will show zones, a contact list and phone numbers, passwords, a system description and response instructions. Other reports include activity by event code, alarm incidents and event history within a designated time period. You can also generate open and close or activity reports that you can send directly to your customers.

Our BoldNet system offers several search options that make it convenient to access specific account information. You can search based on account number, name or address, as well as by account activity or history occurring during a specified time frame. BoldNet provides protected, secure access to your accounts and you can access it anywhere you have a connection to the Internet. Go to BoldNet now.

You can now view and pay your bill online.  Go to Ebill to sign up, view or pay your bill.