Other Services

ProfileSide.jpgReduced product pricing: WHIRC has established a buying group with several manufacturers and distributors that can provide you competitive purchasing power.

In addition, belonging to this group gives you the opportunity to take advantage of many other services offered by these manufacturers such as training and education that goes beyond product installation. Training is available for sales and marketing, business development and networking opportunities.

Open Voice VRT Response System

Our Open Voice VRT response system uses text-to-speech technology to give you access to your customers’ accounts on the go. By dialing your assigned phone number, you’ll be able to check accounts and make certain changes without an operator’s involvement. There’s no cost and no restrictions for use.

Our system currently supports accounts on and off test and checking your customer’s activity log to hear alarms and signals received on their account. We’ll be expanding our systems with additional features and functions soon.

It’s a great option when you’re on the go, don’t have access to BoldNet, or want to make quick changes and check activity. Our Open Voice VRT system is just one more tool you can use to provide your customers with thorough service.

Download our sign up form to get started or learn how to use Open Voice VRT.

Contact our dealer service representative, Kim Hellman, at 763-477-3142 if you have any questions about this convenient option.

Dealer Financing Program

Click here to get details about our financing program.

Email link to info@whirc.com to request more info.