Total Connect

The Total Connect suite of digital communications services lets your consumers utilize the Internet, PDAs, cell phones, cameras and more to stay connected to their homes and businesses. It is an ideal way for you to increase RMR while addressing the challenges of VoIP and cell phone-only residences and businesses.

Total Connect services pave the way for you to increase your RMR by helping your customers take advantage of the amazing benefits of next generation digital technology.

With Total Connect, consumers can use common devices like cell phones and PDAs as extensions of their security systems. Customers can request system status, arm or disarm the system, or bypass zones and control outputs with any SMS text messaging device.

Notification of system events can be sent to any e-mail capable device, including PDAs and cell phones. For ultimate convenience, Honeywell’s virtual keypad can be used to control the system from any PC-based web browser.

Total Connect lets you differentiate yourself from your competition and start earning more RMR. Contact customer service today at 800-467-5875 for more information on Honeywell’s Total Connect services.


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