We offer several reporting options: some are sent to you automatically and other custom reports are available upon request.

Activity Report

  • This report shows all the activity from your accounts on a daily basis. It is a valuable tool in managing your business and can help eliminate false alarm activity from problem accounts. This report is e-mailed to you automatically.
  • Your customers can also have an activity report sent directly to their e-mail. This is helpful for customers who want to be proactive in the maintenance of their system or for business owners who want to monitor their system closely for activity.

E-mail Event Report

  • This report automatically generates an e-mail each time a chosen event for a customer reports an alarm. Any account can be set up to e-mail alarm activity to you the dealer or directly to your customers.

Open/Close Report

  • This report will show the open and close activity for your customers’ accounts. Many business owners use this tool to monitor their employees’ activities and to ensure their business is operating within the hours specified.

Monthly Reports

  • New and canceled accounts – shows the new installation and account cancellation activity for the month
  • Excessive signal report – will show you which accounts have sent greater than five signals during the month
  • Canceled accounts sending signals – shows you canceled accounts that are sending signals, which can help you identify customers who may need their systems properly deprogrammed.

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