We'll make your security company wise

We don’t have eyes in the back of our head,
but we do see everything.

In fact, monitoring is all we do, all of the time. We’re a national leader in central station monitoring with a proven track record in delivering exceptional and reliable service.

When your customers call, we act immediately. With their safety and property on the line, we deliver what your customers expect–a fast and reliable response.

That’s why we serve your customers with the level of professionalism they expect from your company. We view our service as an extension of your business. After all, we share the same goal–retaining your customers.

Need proof? How about 6 FREE* months of the best central station monitoring in the industry? Contact us at 800-858-7811 to get started.

* Free, as in complimentary, without charge, no skin off your nose…you get the idea. You have nothing to lose, except customer churn.