If your product can send a signal or message, WHIRC can monitor it. Because WHIRC integrates nearly all manufacturer and third-party service platforms with full redundancy, you gain the ability to provide more services to your customers. All information is backed up and housed at an off-site data center, so there is no worry of losing customer data.


IP Communications Provide uninterrupted service to your customers by integrating the most modern communication path available with the network to back it up.

Medical and Two-Way Voice Professionally trained dispatchers respond immediately to medical alerts from both traditional and GPS systems. Offer your customers medical systems as part of your growth strategy with our pre-programmed systems that give you a plug-and-play option.

Video Monitoring Video is a growing segment of the security industry. Take advantage of the recurring revenue stream that video monitoring offers. You’ll have the technology and support available to provide video alarm verification in the event an alarm is triggered.

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“WHIRC has provided monitoring services for Norvado for more than a year now and we couldn’t be happier. The transition to WHIRC was very smooth for our customers as we transitioned several hundred accounts over a period of time.”