WHIRC monitors Safe Haven Baby Boxes

WHIRC monitors Safe Haven Baby Boxes

WHIRC recently began monitoring, testing, and receiving alarms from ten Safe Haven Baby Boxes (SHBB). SHBB are a safety device that allows a mother in crisis to surrender a newborn safely, securely, and anonymously.

Each box is installed in the exterior wall of a fire station or hospital and has an exterior door that locks automatically after the placement of a newborn baby. An interior door gives medical staff access to the baby to offer care and shelter.

Each box has:

  • A thermostat, heater, vents, and a fan to automatically control the temperature.
  • A bassinette to keep the baby from rolling over.
  • A bag of resources for the parent that surrender the baby.

A three-alarm system alerts when the door opens, after the baby is placed in the bassinette, and if the power goes out. These are routed through an alarm monitoring center like WHIRC who then alert a 911 dispatch center.

Each SHBB is tested once a week to make sure the box’s alarms are working properly and looked at twice a day to make sure the box and sensors are working properly.

To learn more about baby boxes, visit the SHBB website.

New technology from WHIRC

New technology from WHIRC

As we kick off 2023, the 3G sunset is in the rearview mirror and we can put our full attention and resources towards growth. Video is the fastest growing sector of the security market and can bring high value to your customers. Did you know that now you can add recurring revenue to your video services?

With our video health monitoring, video verification, and structured remote guard tour offerings, WHIRC can help you achieve your revenue goals. We have direct integration with multiple video platforms like OpenEye, and soon we will be offering Digital Watchdog. For video systems that without direct integration, we have the Universal Connector which translates email communications from the video system into alarm signals that we can act on.

WHIRC is committed to providing reliable and custom monitoring solutions for you and your customers. As reliability from traditional phone lines continues to decrease, installing a new communicator, either cellular or Internet Protocol, ensures alarm signal continuity. Replacing traditional phones lines will decrease the time that it takes to report a signal and minimizes signal interruption. Let us know if we can assist with transitioning your customers.

WHIRC is excited to expand our offerings in 2023! Keep your eyes peeled for the 2023 WHIRC Dealer Symposium coming this summer. We hope to see you there!

2022 Year in review

2022 Year in review

With the end of 2022 we also welcomed the end of the 3G technology sunset and with that, additional opportunities for the industry. Despite ongoing procurement challenges, 2022 brought with it new markets and monitoring services, some traditional and some innovative. In 2022, WHIRC launched video health monitoring with OpenEye, expanded our video verification offerings, and completed automation enhancements. WHIRC has made many improvements throughout our system including adding an additional ISP connection for signal traffic, increased our already robust cyber security, and increased receiver capabilities to anticipate the changes in new product offerings. WHIRC is committed to helping you maintain and grow your business with excellent products, service, and monitoring support.

In 2023, we will offer even more communication methods for you and your customers such as two way texting, and automated notifications. In addition, we will expand our video monitoring capabilities to offer health monitoring through Digital Watchdog and various video platforms. These capabilities provide additional monitoring opportunities for you to grow your recurring revenue. We are also committed to providing you additional resources and training opportunities as a valued partner of WHIRC. Our focus is and will continue to be reliability, customer service, and expanding technology.

We are grateful to have you as a partner. We look forward to 2023 and our continued service to you!