Here’s What You Missed!

Here’s What You Missed!

WHIRC would like to personally thank all the customers, dealers, manufacturers and peers that attended our 10th annual Partner Symposium, which was held at Crown Plaza Minneapolis Northstar Downtown on June 20. With this being WHIRC’s 25th anniversary year, our event focused on all the new technology and how to build your business for the future.

Our five-person Dealer Panel gave guests the opportunity to discuss issues they are having with their own businesses and our panel of industry peers offered strategies to overcome them. Guest speaker Aaron Hunnel inspired the audience when he talked about turning obstacles into opportunities.

For those who attended, we hope you enjoyed the symposium and took advantage of the many networking opportunities it provided. We were happy to once again provide this free educational opportunity for our customers and industry friends. If you missed the fun this year, we hope to see you there in 2019!

Along with installation questions, marketing questions and other important parts of the business, our dealer panel and manufacturers also touched on video monitoring offerings. Within the next 7 years, the IP Security Camera Market is set to grow at more than 20 percent compound annual growth. Camera technology only continues to evolve including more analytics capabilities to better identify the event, which is a signal from the video system. The signal is triggered by motion, line crossing, or additional analytics that are set in the recorder.

This security camera trend only seems to be picking up momentum and offers increasing opportunities for recurring monthly revenue (RMR), which is exciting news for our dealers.

WHIRC is prepared to monitor all alerts that are sent from any type of system including a video recorder. WHIRC provides multiple video integrations and a Universal Connector that is able to be programmed to turn any simple message into an alarm. We currently work with multiple authorities to assist them with identifying locations, images and landmarks. When a customer’s camera identifies an event and sends a signal to WHIRC, our agent’s use the customized alarm handling instructions of the event to properly handle the alarm or signal.

We hope to see you next year at our 2019 Partner Symposium!