Monitoring companies and standards and certifications companies such as Underwriters Laboratories (UL), are keeping a close eye on the rapid advances in technology. New requirements are in place for UL 827, which is the Standard for Central-Station Alarm Services, that take effect mid-2020. This UL standard update not only improves the security of all data and information, but also increases the dependability and redundancies to protect that data.

WHIRC continues to stay up-to-date with technology and embraces the changes to the new UL standards. The effective date for the requirements was pushed back earlier this year as some monitoring centers were unable to meet the new requirements in the original timeframe. However, WHIRC completed the necessary updates and is compliant with all the new standards.

In the Feature Article below, Rod Coles, chief executive officer at Bold Technologies, talks about the “cloud” monitoring solution. We announced at the WHIRC Partner Symposium in May that our disaster site will be located in the Bold Cloud solution. This provides WHRIC with additional redundancies and capabilities to complete updates and upgrades seamlessly. This means there will be no interference in monitoring or connection for you and your customers. WHIRC’s cloud configuration will be a complete replica of our physical site and is housed at one of Bold Technologies’ two data centers. We are excited for this solution and the additional security it brings, and it is a UL approved “cloud” monitoring platform!

Along with advancing technology, cyber security is a constant focus for the WHIRC team. We assure you that security measures are in place to protect all data and information retained at WHIRC. We are prepared for future growth and excited for what the future brings!