Many dealers were worried when new players entered the security market and the DIY industry expanded, but this may have been a benefit rather than a detriment. According to a study by SDM magazine, 2018 was a great year for sales for many security dealers. Growth in DIY has pushed the alarm manufactures to add new features and services that are available at your fingertips. These technology advancements increase the opportunities for both dealers and monitoring centers. These days, monitoring just about anything out there has become the reality for WHIRC and we will continue to grow and meet the needs of our dealers.

A rise in advertising for DIY products has increased the public’s awareness about the importance for security overall and has contributed to the economy’s growth. Security is everywhere you look these days, including on television shows and in the news.

An article in SDM magazine shared results of SDM’s own research, which showed positive results across the alarm industry in 2018 ¬- for both residential and business markets.

“More dealers and integrators – 73 percent – expected a growth in revenue in 2018, when polled in September 2018, a 6 percent increase over the previous year. And 85 percent of respondents reported 2018 was a good to excellent year for intrusion alarms, up from 81 percent the previous year, while a whopping 96 percent expected 2019 to be at least as good if not better than 2018.”

Recent advancements in interactive services have led the customer to interact with the alarm panel more and more often. This alone creates that “stickiness” that all dealers are looking for to decrease churn. At the same time, customers are starting to see security as a necessity in life. WHIRC is integrated with most interactive services providing the necessary solution to stay competitive in today’s market. (See our featured promotion from Alula below.)

Monitoring continues to be the driving factor of devices in a connected home solution. As technology continues to evolve, the monitoring market is where the affordable solutions will continue to reside. WHIRC offers many different solutions at an affordable rate that is customizable to the customer’s needs.

As our dealers are expanding their offerings, WHIRC is committed to providing the same excellent 24/7 monitoring service that dealers expect. If it can send a signal, we can monitor it!