Happy New Year! As part of our ongoing commitment to provide you the best service, WHIRC is committed to enhancing network reliability for you and your customers. This includes implementing increased redundancy for alarm traffic and security of customer data. To meet this goal, we installed and migrated to enhanced networking equipment, providing an even more robust WHIRC network.

WHIRC purchased our own block of IP Addresses from the national database. Traditionally, IP addresses that are programmed into a customer’s alarm panel would be bound to a specific internet service provider (ISP). Owning our own IP Addresses significantly reduces the impact of outages, fiber cuts, and ISP maintenance, by allowing WHIRC to adjust alarm traffic flow in real time.  Another benefit is seamless redundancy between WHIRC and our Cloud Monitoring Solution.

What does this mean for WHIRC dealers? As new panel connections come online, the new IP address will need to be used. Existing panels that are programmed with old IP addresses will not be immediately impacted by this change. Updates to the existing panels can be made over the next 18 months. WHIRC looks forward to working with you to ensure your customers security and connectivity meets their expectations.

Message from Business Manager Ashley Raisanen