Spring has finally arrived and it’s that time of year for all things new! However, one thing that is not new is the 3G/CDMA technology sunset and many of you have been replacing communicators at a rapid rate. You are not alone; there are many dealers and end users also doing the same thing. One thing to keep in mind is that as the timeline to replace equipment gets shorter, there will be growing pressure on the supply chain, including chips for the new communicators.

With the sunset deadlines less than 18 months away, now is the time to get ahead of potential shortages and waiting for backordered communicators. Manufacturers are also ramping up their rebates and price reductions to assist you in purchasing additional equipment.

WHIRC continues to work with manufacturers and product distributors to be sure you have up-to-date information on product availability or supply chain challenges. You will continue to receive reports from WHIRC with accounts that need to be upgraded. These reports ensure that you have the account information you need to proactively address communication failures for your customers. The decommissioning of 3G cellular towers is happening at record speed and we are prepared to support the new technology.


  • AT&T deadline : February 2022
  • Verizon deadline: December 2022

For those of you that participate in our medical alert product programs, we are procuring MPERS devices to ensure we have product when you need it. Call us today at (800) 858-7811 to place your order or obtain more information on our available MPERS and cellular PERS products.

Message from Business Manager Ashley Raisanen